Don't Trust Harden & QBs On The Move

March 04, 2022 00:47:16
Don't Trust Harden & QBs On The Move
Dorm Room Dispute
Don't Trust Harden & QBs On The Move

Mar 04 2022 | 00:47:16


Show Notes

James Harden is off to a fast start with the 76er but that doesn't mean the trade should be considered a success. Mitchell explains why there are still some big question marks surrounding Harden. He also thinks the Bulls have a lot of startling similarities to another Chicago team and why it's cause for concern.

Aidan Conklin joins the show to discuss the Kirk Cousins getting criticized by his former coach, whether Carson Wentz could be the Broncos solution at QB, Kyler Murray's antics, Mitch Trubusky's rising stock, and NFL Draft prospects.

Mitchell wraps up the show by sending a message to all the people on Twitter criticizing millionaire baseball players for fighting for even more money.

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