Interview With Award Winning 30 for 30 Director Andy Billman

November 14, 2022 00:28:35
Interview With Award Winning 30 for 30 Director Andy Billman
Dorm Room Dispute
Interview With Award Winning 30 for 30 Director Andy Billman

Nov 14 2022 | 00:28:35


Show Notes


Award-winning director for ESPN's "30 for 30" docuseries, Andy Billman, joins the show to discuss his new film "War on the Diamond." The documentary tells the story of Ray Chapman - the only MLB player killed by a pitch - and the 100-year rivalry between the Yankees and Indians. Andy discusses his inspiration for the film; great moments in the rivalry's history; untold stories about the man that killed Chapman, and how the MLB would have changed if George Steinbrenner had bought the Indians. He also talks about the most significant trade in Indians history and his thoughts on the White Sox collapse from a Clevelander's perspective. 

2:41 Inspiration for the documentary 

4:55 Why the Ray Chapman story has been forgotten

7:26 Exclusive Carl Mays audio

9:33 Untold story about Babe Ruth and Mays torturing their manager

11:10 What makes the Yankees and Indians a real rivalry 

15:26 What the MLB would look like if George Steinbrenner bought the Indians

17:50 Fan's reaction to watching Chapman get killed

20:40 Why did it take so long to implement batting helmets?

22:34 Greatest trade in Indians history 

25:09 Thoughts on the 2022 White Sox collapse from a Cleveland perspective 


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