Interview With Cy Young Winner Jack McDowell

January 27, 2022 00:30:45
Interview With Cy Young Winner Jack McDowell
Dorm Room Dispute
Interview With Cy Young Winner Jack McDowell

Jan 27 2022 | 00:30:45


Show Notes

Mitchell Kaminski speaks with former White Sox pitcher and 1993 Cy Young Award winner Jack McDowell. McDowell shares his thoughts on how analytics are ruining baseball and why automated strike zones are bad news for hitters. He discusses what it was like going through a strike as a player in 1994 and the White Sox chances of winning the World Series that year. He also reveals whether he used any foreign substances when he pitched, the toughest opponent he ever faced, why the White Sox didn't resign him, his thoughts on Tony La Russa, and more!

(1:04) -McDowell's beef with analytics and metrics

(4:48)- How was he able to throw so many complete games?

(11:35)- Wild stories about players doctoring baseballs.

(15:29)- 1994 strike. Would the White Sox have won the World Series?

(21:44)- Why didn't the White Sox resign him?

(23:00)-Winning the Cy Young Award & why wins mattered to him as a pitching stat

(27:18)- Who was the toughest hitter he ever faced?

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