Penske Material: Austin Dillon Back Doors Into Playoffs

August 31, 2022 00:37:44
Penske Material: Austin Dillon Back Doors Into Playoffs
Dorm Room Dispute
Penske Material: Austin Dillon Back Doors Into Playoffs

Aug 31 2022 | 00:37:44


Show Notes

In Episode 2 of Penske Material, Mitch and Pat discuss the wreck fest at Daytona, the move that gave Austin Dillon the win, and debate whether the current playoff system is good for the sport.

Next, they discuss Tyler Reddick handling the awkward situation at RCR with class. Yet Richard Childress is still being an ass. They also discuss if Brad Keselowski and RFK should be concerned by their abysmal performance this season and reveal their "wrap of the week."

Finally, playoff predictions for the round of 16 and the "wrap of the week" are revealed.

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