Penske Material: Bubba's Big Win & Rowdy On The Move

September 14, 2022 00:37:45
Penske Material: Bubba's Big Win & Rowdy On The Move
Dorm Room Dispute
Penske Material: Bubba's Big Win & Rowdy On The Move

Sep 14 2022 | 00:37:45


Show Notes

In episode four of Penske Material, Mitchell and Patrick discuss Kyle Busch's move to RCR. They explain why it's an excellent move for Rowdy, how RCR is now the most unlikeable race team, and why Tyler Reddick is in for a rough 2023 season.

They then recap the second race of the playoffs at Kansas.
Bubba Wallace silences the doubters, great midpack racing with playoff implications, and Ross Chastain kills Kevin Harvick's season.

The final race of the first round is this weekend. Who wins, and who gets eliminated?

The All-Star race is moving to North Wilkesboro. Mitch explains what this track needs to do to make it a more enjoyable fan experience. Which track should get two races, and which ones should be dropped from the schedule?

Finally, they discuss the Indy Car championship and explain why it's the best racing series nobody knows about.

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