Penske Material: The Greatest Move In NASCAR History

November 02, 2022 00:37:57
Penske Material: The Greatest Move In NASCAR History
Dorm Room Dispute
Penske Material: The Greatest Move In NASCAR History

Nov 02 2022 | 00:37:57


Show Notes

Ross Chastain just pulled off the most electric move in NASCAR history, so why do so many drivers want it banned? Mitchell and Patrick break down the viral "Hail Melon" that Chastain pulled off and why it will be tough to replicate on other tracks.

They also discuss how Christopher Bell's clutch win has helped turn him from an afterthought into the future of Joe Gibbs Racing.

Mitch and Patrick also discuss the spoiled brat Ty Gibbs and how his short-sided move against a teammate during the Xfinity Race could wind up costing him long term. They also make their championship predictions for the Cup, Xfinity, and Truck Series and reveal their "wrap of the week."

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